Jennie's Gifts Box Set of Books 1,2,3

Book 1: The Secret
As a young girl, Jennie's mother forbade her to talk to dead people or to use any of her psychic abilities. She wanted her daughter to live a normal life. So for the past forty years Jennie has honored her mother's wishes and kept her gifts a secret. But the now divorced mother of two and grandmother of four no longer wants to keep her secret. Instead she has decided to embrace her true nature and become a professional medium.

Jennie delights in delivering messages to her clients, and being a voice for the spirit realms. She has found her purpose and loves being of service. But her family doesn't like her new career. They want her to stop dabbling in the occult, and close her Central Florida store. What will it take for them to see the value in what she does?

And Jennie has a new secret... a secret crush. She feels drawn to Jake like a magnet, but is she ready to act on those feelings? Does she even have the time for romance?

And speaking of Secrets, someone besides Jennie has been keeping one.

Book 2: The Sacrifice
Jennie’s abilities expand and flourish as a professional medium. She's happy delivering messages from the spirit world to her clients. Her business is booming, and all is going well… until she is faced with a new challenge regarding none other than her ex-husband, Ben, and his mother.

All the two of them have done is gossip about Jennie and make fun of her career... and now they want her help?

But the request doesn't come directly from them. The call comes from her friend, Jasmine. Jennie has no problems with Jasmine, even if she is Ben's new wife. She'd like to help her, but she feels conflicted about helping those other two. As a professional medium Jennie's vowed to be of loving service to everyone. But does everyone have to include Ben and Evonne? 

Can Jennie set aside her feelings and be of service to them… or is it too great a sacrifice?

Book 3: The Search
Deanna better have a good reason for interrupting Jennie's much needed vacation. And her best friend and fellow psychic medium has one when she asks for Jennie's help in finding a missing coed. And time is of the essence.

But Jennie is reluctant to assist. She’s in need of down time. And she’s looked forward to being alone with Jake at their lakefront cabin in Georgia. But most importantly, Jennie’s never tried to find a missing person before.

Deanna insists she can do it… but Jennie’s not so sure as her quest takes her deep into the woods of North Carolina, and deep into the realms of dreams and the states between dreams. 

With the assistance of her spirit guides, the medium sorts through the layers, clues and symbols. But are any of her visions valid? Can Jennie find the missing girl... or will she get lost inside the Search?

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