Jennie's Gifts Book 2. The Sacrifice: Dancing on Moonbeams

Jennie’s abilities expand and flourish as a professional medium. She's happy delivering messages from the spirit world to her clients. Her business is booming, and all is going well… until she is faced with a new challenge regarding none other than her ex-husband, Ben, and his mother.

All the two of them have done is gossip about Jennie and make fun of her career... and now they want her help?

But the request doesn't come directly from them. The call comes from her friend, Jasmine. Jennie has no problems with Jasmine, even if she is Ben's new wife. She'd like to help her, but she feels conflicted about helping those other two. As a professional medium Jennie's vowed to be of loving service to everyone. But does everyone have to include Ben and Evonne? 

Can Jennie set aside her feelings and be of service to them… or is it too great a sacrifice?

NOTE: This is Book 2 in the Series and is also available in a kindle book box set:

"Lynn Thomas accurately depicts the life of a medium and contributes greatly to mediumship by showing, with respect and understanding, that what we do is an act of love." ~  Janis Murphy, medium

"I really enjoyed this second book. As I was now more familiar with the 'spirit world' after reading book one, it made for an even more delightful read!"  ~ Sue McCloughy

“I couldn't put the first book down and read it quickly…I am now reading her book 2, much more slowly and doing my spirit work, looking at my life and where I want to be. Thank you!" ~ Judy Greenwell

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