Jennie's Gifts Book 3. The Search: Finding Faith

In the realms between life and death

Deanna better have a good reason for interrupting Jennie's much needed vacation. And her best friend and fellow psychic medium has one when she asks for Jennie's help in finding a missing coed.

And time is of the essence.

But Jennie is reluctant to assist. She’s in need of down time. And she’s looked forward to being alone with Jake at their lakefront cabin in Georgia. But most importantly, Jennie’s never tried to find a missing person before.

Deanna insists she can do it… but Jennie’s not so sure.

Her quest takes her on horseback deep into the woods of North Carolina. And deep into the realms of dreams and the space between dreams. Aided by her spirit guides and spirit friends, the medium finds she must interpret clues, symbols, and visions correctly if she wants to move forward.

Will Jennie find the girl? And who and what will she encounter during her search?

NOTE: This is Book 3 in the Series and is also available in the series kindle book box set:

“Once I started reading the books in the Jennie’s Gifts Series I didn’t want to put them down. You write very well and the stories are very comforting. I look forward to your next one.” ~ Arlene Graves, RN

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