Premonition Jennie’s Gifts Series Prequel

Premonition: Jennie's Gifts Fiction Series Prequel

Summary. Jennie was born a medium. Since her earliest childhood memories, she could see ghosts. And she “knew” things she’d never imagine on her own... some things she didn’t even want to know. But her psychic abilities, collectively referred to as Jennie’s Gifts, troubled her mother, who wanted her daughter to live a “normal” life. So as a young girl she decided to ignore the spirit world, and before long she was no longer communicating with it at all. Now, years later, with grown children of her own, Jennie’s Gifts are but a distant memory. All of it long forgotten. All of it, except for one premonition she fears will still come true... 

NOTE: Also titled as The Sight
This prequel is NOT included in the Box Set: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SNP67Q0

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