Dancing on Moonbeams: Jennie’s Gifts Book 2

Dancing on Moonbeams Summary:

Jennie’s psychic abilities continue to expand and flourish in her work as a professional medium. She's happy delivering messages from the spirit world to her clients, and her business is booming!

All is going well … until the phone call.

It’s Jasmine, Ben’s new wife, calling on behalf of the medium’s ex-husband and his mother. Jennie feels conflicted. How can she help the two of them when all they’ve ever done is mock and gossip about Jennie and her career?

As a professional medium Jennie has vowed to be of loving service to everyone. But does everyone have to include Ben and her ex-mother-in-law? Is she really expected to be of service to them?

She doesn’t want to dishonor her Gifts, but can Jennie set aside her feelings enough to be helpful? Or is it too great a sacrifice?

Note: also titled as: “The Sacrifice”

“An inspiring novel about a medium’s experiences that both teaches and entertains…” ~ Elizabeth Owens, medium and author of “Discover Your Spiritual Life”

NOTE: This is Book 2 in the Series and is also available in a kindle book box set: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SNP67Q0/

NOTE: This book was originally titled Dancing on Moonbeams: Jennie's Gifts Series.

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Box set: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SNP67Q0/

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