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“… a feel-good read in and of itself, but filled with spiritual wisdom that will open your heart and lift your soul. We need more books like Jennie’s Gifts and more authors like Lynn Thomas.” ~ Suzanne Giesemann, Hay House author of “Messages of Hope” and “The Priest and the Medium“An inspiring novel about a medium’s experiences that both teaches and entertains while allowing the reader to see into the world of spirit communication.” ~ Elizabeth Owens, author of Walking Behind the Moon, Discover Your Spiritual Life
“Jennies Gifts was given to me by a friend after the loss of my young daughter. It was so comforting, I couldn’t stop reading it until I had completed the entire book. It helped heal my heart and lifted my spiritual needs as well as the educational value received. I will be giving this book as gifts many times,and awaiting the next book by Lynn Thomas.” ~ Kathy Kelly“Once I started reading the books in the Jennie’s Series I didn’t want to put them down. You write very well and the stories are very comforting. I look forward to your next one.” ~ Arlene Graves, RN
“I loved this book. I have always had an interest in to psychic / mediums but never really understood a lot about it. This is the first book I read and am looking forward to the next.” ~ Kathy Frank“Enjoying storyline. I appreciated the many uplifting, hopeful messages shared in the book.” ~ Cheryl A. Le Platt
“I couldn’t put the first book down and read it quickly. Went to bed and my other self wouldn’t let the book go, so up I got and started underlining parts that were connecting to me. From 1985 to 2000 I spent most of my spare time studying the universe, spirituality, and the Course in Miracles. Meeting Lynn and feeling her energy when she walks into a room, brought me to an awareness that has been missing in my current life. Her books are enhancing this awareness, making me seek another level of understanding and spiritual growth . I am now reading her book 2, much more slowly and doing my spirit work, looking at my life and where I want to be. Thank you!” ~ Judy Greenwell“… I have studied about the energy (universal, human energy) for 1 year. I’m very interested in spiritual world and I always try to connect to it and use this ability to help people and the Earth. Since I had to do farm job, I was preparing to go to “middle of nowhere” inAustralia . I downloaded movies and books to my kindle in order to kill time during the stay. And then I found this book. I needed this book. It was great timing. this Jennie’s journey is kind of my journey as well. I really want to do the job like Jennie’s. I have my own teacher who teaches me about spiritual world. But still I am struggling to deal with my destiny and circumstances. I’m still learning. but I really do want to help people by using the ability to connect to the spiritual world. But I just do not know how. I just want to tell you that this book was very inspiring. I’m sure there are many people out there who are interested in this world but just not telling anyone about it. Thank you.” ~ Yukari
” I finished your book and it was fantastic… with an ending that I didn’t expect. Really good.” ~ Brenda Ingle“Hi there. I just finished reading ur book!! Your have written a fabulous story. I loved it. Congratulations on such a great job. I enjoyed it so much. More….more…lol.” ~ Marilyn Farmer
“WOW I LOVED THE BOOK!!!!! Being a medium reading this book (book 1) was awesome because you can relate to so many of the sessions that Jennie did and all she experienced.Great explanations of how one sees spirit and gives the message . Jennie’s family dynamic was REAL! So when is the next book?” ~ Joan Piper, Medium and instructor“… Lynn portrays the life of a medium with respect and understanding. It is an excellent and easy read. Blessings and congratulations on your accomplishment! You have contributed greatly to understanding that what we do is an act of love from beyond the veil.” ~ Janis Murphy, Medium and Minister
“I really enjoyed the second book as I was now more familiar with the “spirit world” after reading book one. It made for a much more delightful read!” ~ Sue McCloughy“The book was inspiring . Loved following the story and I learned a lot about the psychic world. It was very good – really enjoyed it. It is perfect for a part 2!” ~ Marie Young
“I saw you book advertised on FB so I thought I would support you and purchase it. I started the book and finished it yesterday… Something I haven’t done in quite a while. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully you have more! I will search Amazon now but first wanted to thank you for such an enjoyable book. Keep writing.” ~ Janis Danielson Peirce“Guess what I did yesterday? I read this Fabulous Book (book 2). I absolutely LOVED It!! You get to really enjoy and identify with Jennie with all her adventures. So much info given on so many different levels with each of her sessions with clients. Awesome!!!! The personal touch is SPOT ON!!!! Her interaction with Family is priceless. Hmm what could be NEXT!!! I have a FEW extra SPOONS…” ~ Joan Piper, medium and instructor
“The imagery is very strong. And possibly the best thing an editor can say to compliment a book is that… it doesn’t need fixing. It’s very good!” ~Michelle Browne, a book editor’s comments regarding Jennie’s Gifts book 3.

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